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Android TV | Firestick Devices

Rebranding and Customization Available

Get you Rebranded Launcher Application At Just $299


Live TV with EPG
TV Guide
VODs & TV Shows (Series)
Master Search
Set as a Default Launcher
Parental Control
Built-in Speed Test
Real time In App-Announcement


Purple TV Launcher is a free platform to watch your favorite TV Shows, Movies, and Series on your Android TV, TV Box, and any Android devices.

  • The Purple TV Launcher boasts multiple features for watching live TV, movies, and series.
  • Clean and easy-to-use interface.
  • Watch the latest movies and popular TV shows.
  • Binge-watch series with various genres.
  • Stream Live TV with unlimited channels from different regions.
  • Provides an amazing user experience.

The app is available for free on the Google Play Store and APK available for Firestick to Download.



Monthly Plan

$ 49 /monthly
$ 155 /y
  • Live TV with EPG
  • VODs & TV Shows (Series)
  • Parental Control

Lifetime Plan

$ 299 /lifetime
$ 155 /y
  • Live TV with EPG
  • VODs & TV Shows (Series)
  • Parental Control