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Android TV | Android Mobile | Firestick

Rebranding and Customization Available


Live TV with EPG
TV Guide
VODs & TV Shows (Series)
Parental Control
Schedule Recording
Real time In App-Announcement
Supports Xtreme API & One Stream Panel


OneStream Purple Player is a media player app for Android TV, Android phones, and Android tablets.

It is easy to use and fully customizable, making it ideal for IPTV/OTT service providers. The app comes with two built-in media players with Adaptive HLS Streaming, so you don’t need to download any third-party apps or players. It has a simple UI design for easy navigation, and it uses IJK, ExoPlayer, and VLC Player. You can easily navigate the app using your Android TV remote.

The app is available for free on the Google Play Store and APK available for Firestick to Download.



Monthly Plan

$ 49 /monthly
$ 155 /y
  • Live TV with EPG
  • VODs & TV Shows (Series)
  • Parental Control

Lifetime Plan

$ 349 /onetime
$ 155 /y
  • Live TV with EPG
  • VODs & TV Shows (Series)
  • Parental Control